Friday, July 13, 2012

An Update On "My Everything"

Hello everyone! This post is gonna give you all a little insight on some things about my album “My Everything.” The album was first scheduled for a mid-late summer release. Then a while later set to release June 15. Well as many know, the album was moved back to it’s mid-late summer release date. Things with the album have been very shaky. Lots of changes, lots of rewrites, lots of redos which of course every album has in its making. I decided though that I needed more time to make the album and perfect it. You see, things were getting very rushed. Tracks kept getting worse and etc. So anyways, I started realizing and saying to myself “Is God my everything? Do I love him with everything that is within me? Do I give Him everything?” So I decided that I needed to start doing that because then the whole message of the album is gone! I mean the album is about making God your everything…how hypocritical would it be for me to make something like that and not do it and live it everyday? I was proclaiming He was my everything, but wasn’t living it (Now I am though (: )

The album release date is currently unknown. It’s for the best though! I’m currently writing songs, the Lord is speaking to me, and wonderful worship music is being made! The album will be a lot of worship music. Lots of music that I would do for a Sunday morning or mid-week worship service. Songs that are just a cry out from my heart to God, songs that praise Him with all of our being, and songs that just ask God to hold us and know that He is for us during times of trials, these are the type of songs on the album. Lots of my own songs that I’ve written will be on there along with a few songs by others such as Love Came Down, My Everything, and more!

Lots has changed recently too! This is my NEW website. And I will be able to update  you all much easier on here! God bless you all and will talk to you all soon! :)

P.S. Lately I’ve been super quiet on twitter but have no fear I’m going to start gabbing on there more now :D .

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