Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy..


Hey guys! So I started reading the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy a few months ago and fell in love with the series! I saw the movie when it came out in March and of course, loved it. I'm currently reading the last book, Mockingjay. Now to begin let me say, this book is very depressing! It's like something you can't stop reading but feel like crying every 5 seconds! About every chapter someone dies, even though in the previous to books a lot of people died but in this book it's like a big group of people die. Pretty depressin! And when I say die, I mean like a horrible death. Being bombed, knifed, shot, the author definetly used some creative ways of how the capitol kills people. Currently I'm in chapter 7 after Katniss is back from district 8 and district 8 just got bombed for the second time. I was like..EW! Because they go into detail on how people are missing some limbs and etc.

But besides all the depressing stuff it wouldnt be so suspenseful and an intriguing book that make you want to turn the page and read for hours upon hours. I encourage you ALL to read the series!

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